Thursday, July 18, 2013

The end of "Dynamic"

It wasn't quite like I expected.  It wasn't a perfect calendar of nine months of daily practice with the respective photos, time log and sound notes I had planned. I didn't write numerous diary entries to my patrons as I had intended.  I didn't make it more important than everything else.  I repeatedly forgot my phone, camera, notebook, to book space, to bring food to do the proper entrance like a duck with food in my mouth.  Sometimes I made a conscious choice not to do it at all.  Sometimes I just completely forgot.   

At the Hedreen this continued as I symbolically finished out my practice as part of the Yellow Fish Epic Durational Performanc Festival (curated by the amazing Alice Gosti).  I showed up late, forgot the food, forgot to write down notes, broke all the rules of the practice by caring too much about what the audience thought and/or allowing myself to get fixated on a physical idea or what my body can and can't do. 





Here is the photo from my first practice in Berlin at Martin and Todd's apartment in Kreuzberg.


And here is a photo from my last practice on Monday at the Hedreen Gallery in Seattle (photo by James Arzante).

The first part of my practice was fairly well captured here.  Then I got too overwhelmed with life and now I have a backlog of photos to post.  I don't know if I ever will.

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