Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The second night of 12MM, was different.  The audience sat contemplatively, with me but hard to read.  As I melted over at the beginning of the music, I head someone get up and thought, oh, there goes the person that took the invitation to leave.  But then they joined me.  Along with 6 or so others.  Suddenly the set and ensemble had appeared.  The music played through to the end for the first time.

Equal parts satisfaction, fear, and support.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Work in progress at 12MM

Last night was the first night of 12 Minutes Max at Washington Hall. After a botched tech rehearsal and no dress for me (I had to teach), I tried to go to a zen place in the little tree room downstairs from the theater where all the artists awaited their few minutes of audience time.

I haven't gotten to see the show yet but from the vantage point of the dressing room things look exciting and wildly all over the place. I didn't recognize Joyce Liao at first in her pompadour and letterman jacket surrounded by Syniva Whitney's Gender Tender crew in their briefs donning Syniva's latex phone hat creations. Actually, bare legs and little undies seemed to be a theme for costumes in the show, if not all out nudity.

I got to experience Linas Phillips Chauncy monologue as I sat in the vestibule under the stage awaiting my turn which gave me an interesting and disturbing perspective of being part of his performance, as if I was somehow in his character's earnest and fucked up brain.

The lights come up as I struggle with my extension chord and suddenly there is the possibility of being in a performance with a 100 people in it. If only I could figure out how to make it enticing to leave the chairs. One more try tonight. I'll report more after that.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Our First National Tour

An Inner Place That No Place has been selected for the SCUBA National Touring Network and we are headed to Philadelphia!

With five dancers, a director and two collaborators we need some support to cover our travel costs along with the costs of remounting the work.  We need to raise $5,500 in cash or in-kind donations of plane tickets this month! 

I'm so thrilled to have this opportunity.  SCUBA is an amazing partnership between Velocity Dance Center, Philadelphia Dance Projects, ODC in San Francisco and Laurie Van Wieren in Minneapolis that has supported many great Seattle artists such as Salt Horse, Paige Barnes, zoe | juniper, Amy O'Neal/locust, Scott | Powell Performance, Allie Hankins and Alice Gosti.   It's a great opportunity to connect with peers across the country and make connections that will help us grow as artists and continue to bring Seattle work outside the city.  An Inner Place That Has No Place will also be in the Seattle SCUBA show in April, sharing a bill with Maureen Whiting and Green Chair Dance Group (from Philadelphia).

Please consider making a donation.  And Thank You.