Saturday, December 03, 2011

January 6-8, 2012 | 3-6pm


Three-hour classes for three days in a row

With Choreographer and tEEth Company Member Shannon Stewart

What keeps the love of dance training alive? What keeps it novel, what keeps it fulfilling?

I'm on a quest to create opportunities to explore the highly PHYSICAL part of dancing that dives deep into sensation, imagination and intellect. I want to both soften and sharpen my inner dialogue in order to move without inhibition and with precision. I have a picture of a bridge going between my brain and my body that I’m making stronger and more responsive with wide open lanes for many layers of information to travel through. I want to trust this bridge and continually take care of it. I want to let go of self-sabotage and experience CLASS as the place to take the most risks, to fall, to fail even. And also, not get hurt.

WHAT THE F*CK is an exercise in making a mini-commitment to yourself. It’s three hour classes, three days in a row to explore informed and uninhibited physicality.

INFORMED – Expanding the spine, articulating the joints, and harnessing the breath through GYROKINESIS®.

UNINHIBITED – Letting go of the mirror, the steps, the obedience to “what it should look like,” to see what unfolds.

What will we do?

Gyrokinesis® - Cultivating awareness, joint articulation and expansive strength through a set Gyrokinesis class, repeated everyday. More about Gyrokinesis is here.

Break & Breakdown – We will pause and study a Gyrokinesis practice in detail or have a short discussion while allowing our bodies to regenerate energy.

Improvisation - We will practice a one-hour continual improvisation, being guided through imagery, texture, and possibly stumbling upon some more technical aspect of dance, partnering, and spontaneous composition.

WHAT THE F*CK is motivated by a few key things:

WTF #1

Demystifying GYROKINESIS® - What is it? what does it do? what is it for? Learning the system well enough to make it really work for you.

WTF #2

Taking Risks. Being Challenged. Surprising yourself with what is possible.

WTF #3

Kicking our overactive self-critics out the door.



If you have schedule conflicts or economic restrictions, please get in touch to discuss dropping in. Repetitive practice is part of WTF, but access is equally important!