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  S p e c i a l   C l a s s e s  i n  N Y C 

Dec 4 - 6 (Wed - Fri)

10am - 12pm

100 Grand in SoHo

E V E R Y T H I N G: A morning physical practice for training, performing, surviving, and reveling in contemporary dance (aka your morning technique class)
Int/adv level for students & performing artists
This is a morning warm up that explores rigorous and playful approaches to physicality, body organization, spatial navigation, and set and improvised technical exercises that move us toward connection and freedom.  Gyrokinesis, release technique, gaga, Forsythe/Pite improvisation, CounterTechnique, workout fads, qigong, and somatic partnering exercises may all be incorporated.


O N G O I N G   C L A S S E S   A T   V E L O C I T Y    D A N C E   C E N T E R    ( S E A T T L E )

TUESDAYS | 8-9:30PM, Jan 7 - Feb 11
$70 for full session SIGN UP HERE

Learn dance vocabulary used in Velocity’s ongoing ballet and modern classes with other students who have no previous dance experience.  You will learn basic class etiquette and dance technique while developing body awareness and comfort dancing in a group.  We will also explore tactics to remember choreography by learning and building on phrases each week.  Intro to dance sets you up to continue exploring contemporary dance classes, other dance forms, and to simply feel more comfortable on any dance floor.

SATURDAYS | 10-11:30AM
This class is appropriate for students with little or no dance training or those returning to dance after many years. It is based on the belief that dance is for everyone.  Moving your body to music feels good, relieves stress, and makes life better.  This contemporary technique class begins with simple exercises to strengthen your core, improve your alignment and build heat so you can safely move and stretch.  The movement patterns will grow to take up more space, move you through the room and in and out of the floor.  Each class ends with a fun repeatable phrase that allows you to incorporate technical exercises into lush, full body movement.

SUNDAYS | 12-1:30PM
This class is appropriate for students with little or no ballet training or those returning to ballet after many years.  It follows a traditional ballet class trajectory while opening up space for fun and exploration, breaking some ballet norms in order to not take our selves too seriously.  Class begins with a warm up that focuses on foundational positions and exercises at the barre before moving into the center for combinations that build balance and strength while exploring different kinds of musicality.  We’ll move across the floor waltzing, turning, leaping, and taking up lots of space.

SUNDAYS | 1:30 - 3pm 
$15 Drop In | $12 with Class Card
Developed by a professional dancer for dancers seeking long and healthy careers, Gyrokinesis is a movement system that has since been adapted for movers of all ages and levels.  Gyrokinesis deepens our understanding of core strength to include qualities of suppleness, length and expansion. In this class, we will move through the fundamental exercises of Gyrokinesis–including the seven natural elements of spinal movement while also addressing all other joint articulations and ongoing deep abdominal engagement.



Dec 27 - 29 | 11am - 1pm

Technique + Scores is a daily practice that feeds the desire for physical rigor and spontaneous composition and improvisation.  The first half of the class will focus on technical and physical exercises that warm up and explore the capacity for endurance, athleticism, mindfulness, and specificity in our bodies.  In the second half of class we will introduce compositional scores for groups that bring integrate imagination, sensation, relationship, and and hone our craft as performers and creators.
February 8 & 9, 2014 | 12 - 5pm
PERCEPTUAL RIFT: Looking and Listening in Dance Cinema 
Perceptual Rift is a special one-time workshop that Adam and I will be holding in August.  We will share some of our key creative practices by making a film or films together as a group over the course of two days. It will take place both at Velocity Dance Center and at the Northwest Film Forum. 

The goal of this course is to heighten your perception of place while working in two mediums, cinema and dance. It is geared towards both filmmakers and dancers, or artists interested in exploring this observational practice.

Info & Registration

 More description:
The ideas that form our practice is similar to a perceptual rift, which the artist Vik Muniz has described as what occurs when two "seemingly contentious media," such as photography and drawing, are blended in such a way that the perceiver feels vision itself."

In these moments  the media we're working with transform from our individual media (dance and cinema) and become  the physical place and the perceiver's moment in that place. The rift that is created is actually a new space, opened up, a crack in our hardened, accustomed ways of seeing,
into which the new experience flows.

The workshop is an offering of tools that might help you open up that rift in your practice;  cinematic, choreographic or otherwise, allowing you to expand how you participate with these mediums, and use them to further your own senses.

More specifically it will include working with observational scores, movement scores, discussions of framing and edits, practice in making short films and editing them.  Bring your recording devices; audio, video, written. If you don't have one we can pair you with someone who does

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