Friday, August 23, 2013

Yes, let's pretend we are a company for a week. . .

I dream of being able to work with a big group of people.  To train every morning, explore ideas, improvise, make things, discover things.  I could be the leader and I could also be led. I don't know if it's a project.  I don't know if there is a specific idea in mind.  I just see this - getting up everyday going to the same space, going through familiar exercises as a warm up into delving into the unknown.  And seeing what happens.

This is the container:

AUG 26-30 / 9:30-11:15 AM

Velocity Founders Studio 1621 12th Ave

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dance Film Workshop this weekend!

Adam and I have been mapping out our plan for this weekend.  I'm looking forward to having an intensive time to unpack our process with other artists and that we get to learn and make something together.   We'll be at Velocity Dance Center on Saturday and then working from the Northwest Film Forum on Sunday.

There is still space if you are interested!  More info and registration info is at Brown Paper Tickets.

If you want to see some clips of our work there are some on the "Films" page.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Twenty second artist talk

At New Aesthetics last week, we had a pub night wherein the twenty participants had five minutes to share whatever they wanted about their work, practice, etc.  

I made this slide show that was over in twenty seconds and then said some very cryptic things.  

Here are captions for the slideshow:

[2]  my silly face in luche libre


[4] A Crack in Everything by zoe | juniper (work in progress performance at Trafo in Budapest)

[5] Titan Arum by salt horse (photo by Tim Summers)

[6] Make Believe by tEEth (with Noel Plemmons, Whitebird, Portland photo by Aaron Rogison)

[7] Make Believe by tEEth (with Phillip Elson, Molly Sides, Noel Plemmons, Photo by Aaron Rogison)


[9] memory (loss) bank (a two year collaboration between myself and Adam Sekuler that spawned two films and three
works for stage)

[10] A Better Container by Shannon Stewart (photo by Adam Sekuler)

[11] Third Floor a film by Adam Sekuler and Shannon Stewart (for Seattle International Film Festival 2012, photo by Adam Sekuler)

[12] Third Floor

[13] A Better Container by Shannon Stewart (with Sam Mickens, Marissa Niederhauser, Mary Margaret Moore, Northwest New Works at On the Boards)

[14] An Inner Place That Has No Place by Shannon Stewart (Aaron Swartzman, David Wolbrecht, Mary Margaret Moore, Meredith Horiuchi, Rosa Vissers, photo by Adam Sekuler)

[15] An Inner Place That Has No Place (photo by Adam Sekuler)

[16] An Inner Place That Has No Place (SCUBA national tour 2013, photo by Tim Summers)

[17] An Inner Place That Has No Place

[18] An Inner Place That Has No Place

[19] 1922 a film by Adam Sekuler, Daniel Mimura, Shannon Stewart, Meredith Horiuchi, Rosa Vissers, David Wolbrecht, Aaron Swartzman, Jeff Huston (photo by Adam Sekuler)

[20] 1922

[22] more wind by Shannon Stewart (for Next Fest NW: Real/Time at Velocity Dance Center)

[23] cool picture of david lynch by I don’t know who

[24] thin skins a film by Adam Sekuler and Shannon Stewart with Mary Margaret Moore (made for Twin Peaks Film Festival 2012)

[25] Shannon and Deborah Hay after the apocalypse in Findhorn, Scotland

[26] 180 Days to Fail by Shannon Stewart (a tribute to my 9 month practice of “Dynamic” by Deborah Hay as part of the Yellow Fish Epic Durational Festival at the Hedreen Gallery)

[26] “Dyanmic” by Deborah Hay (a document of one of my daily practices practice early on)

[27] “Dynamic” by Deborah Hay, adapted by Shannon Stewart (my last practice after nearly 10 months of daily practice at the Hedreen Gallery, Seattle, photo by James Arzente)



[30] (working class version) by Shannon Stewart (Seattle International Dance Festival, photo by Joe Lambert)

[31] (working class version) by Shannon Stewart (Movement Research, NYC, photo by Adam Sekuler)

[32] e x p e r i m e n t s

[33] In Transit a film by Adam Sekuler, Shannon Stewart and Meredith Horiuchi (Dances Made to Order, edition 22)

[34] Inside/Outside by Shannon Stewart, Mary Margaret Moore, and Adam Sekuler (a protest duet indoors, outdoors, and live streamed on the web as part of Mimi Alan’s Studies in Occupation)

[35] tiny tsunami by Shannon Stewart (mosh pit interventions, various sites)

[36] Mima Mounds a 16mm film by Adam Sekuler and Shannon Stewart (in process)

[37] “Your Material Here” by Shannon Stewart, Adam Sekuler, and Jody Keuhner (a seven hour open rehearsal in a storefront window for City Arts Festival 2012)