Friday, February 01, 2013

Our First National Tour

An Inner Place That No Place has been selected for the SCUBA National Touring Network and we are headed to Philadelphia!

With five dancers, a director and two collaborators we need some support to cover our travel costs along with the costs of remounting the work.  We need to raise $5,500 in cash or in-kind donations of plane tickets this month! 

I'm so thrilled to have this opportunity.  SCUBA is an amazing partnership between Velocity Dance Center, Philadelphia Dance Projects, ODC in San Francisco and Laurie Van Wieren in Minneapolis that has supported many great Seattle artists such as Salt Horse, Paige Barnes, zoe | juniper, Amy O'Neal/locust, Scott | Powell Performance, Allie Hankins and Alice Gosti.   It's a great opportunity to connect with peers across the country and make connections that will help us grow as artists and continue to bring Seattle work outside the city.  An Inner Place That Has No Place will also be in the Seattle SCUBA show in April, sharing a bill with Maureen Whiting and Green Chair Dance Group (from Philadelphia).

Please consider making a donation.  And Thank You.

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