Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You tengo siete minutos escribir, so I'll drop the spanish right away. I've been in Guatemala for 5 days and have noticed that my english seems to be regressing to catch up with my spanish, which I think is improving.

We arrived in Guatemala City, apparently sharing a plane with a well known reggaeton band called Calle Trece. After the media encircled them (and myself and emily as we were exiting the airport behind them) I finally asked who they were. We were clearly the only ones who didn't know. We took an insane taxi to Antigua. That city is really beautiful and full of tourists. Xela is beautiful too but much different. Middle class means something other than what we think in the states. I'm truly humbled on so many levels. My "host family" is this one amazing woman Catalina whose family members rotate through to visit. The school is really incredible.

There is so much to tell.

Today I told Catalina that "it wouldn't come for lunch but it would come for dinner."

There is much to learn.

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