Tuesday, December 12, 2006

hola familia y companeros. Este es mi journal de travels of guatemala. Aqui you will see my progress in learning in spanish, adjusting to Guatemala's microbes, and eventually there will even be photos (fotos!). I might try to write in spanish and then translate. Que divertido! I guess it will depend on the frequency and duration of computer access.

This is Em, my BFF, who I will be meeting up with in Guate. We haven't decided who is going to get to bring the sweater yet. It doesn't so much matter though as we'll inevitably be dressed identically anyway. . . or people will just tell us that we look identical or something.

but anyway, the point is, I would love long distance correspondence and here's where to find me:

Proyecto Lingüístico Quezalteco de Español
Apdo. 114
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Central America

Or interweb correspondence in it's various multiple outlets would be lovely as well.

Hasto Luego. Feliz Holidias! (okay, okay, i know the spanglish is obnoxious) :)


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Vanessa Jean said...

Yo! Shannonnananona! I hope you have a fantabulous time in Guatemala. Enjoy the food and the mid afternoon tea time with sweet bread, the quetzals, the mountains, and hit up some hot springs if you get the chance. This is a blog of a friend who was in Xela a wee bit ago (go to the older posts cause she started out in Guate, but then migrated south), maybe you can pick up some tips: