Sunday, September 16, 2012


Body Dynamo with Shannon Stewart 

Sep 21, 28, & Oct 5 | 9:30 - 11:15

$15 Drop - In

Body Dynamo is a drop-in class for three Fridays ONLY geared towards exploring full-bodied physicality through guided improvisation that includes technical exercises, phrasing, basic partner work, and spontaneous composition.  Because this class is not a standard ongoing class, the format will be structured more like a workshop or master class where I will focus on the tools I use in my solo and group work for rehearsal warm ups, composing, and performing.

 Body Dynamo is open to experienced movers with an interest in mind/body rigor and a desire to share a supportive and productive artistic workspace with others.  We focus on cultivating a rich inner dialogue, a hyper full-bodied awareness and ability to not take ourselves too seriously.

Influences: Counter Technique (Anouk Van Dijk), Release Technique, Gyrokinesis®, various somatic practices and guided improvisation tools, and a love for good playlists.

9 - 10am | $12

Developed by a professional dancer for dancers seeking long and healthy careers, Gyrokinesis is a movement system that has since been adapted for movers of all ages and levels.  Gyrokinesis deepens our understanding of core strength to include qualities of suppleness, length and expansion. In this class, we will move through the fundamental exercises of Gyrokinesis--including the seven natural elements of spinal movement while also addressing all other joint articulations and ongoing deep abdominal engagement.  This class serves as a great warm up for ballet or a rehearsal, can act as a beneficial supplement to yoga and other athletic endeavors, and just a good way to start your weekend.   It is helpful to bring a mat or something soft to use as padding for work on the floor.


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