Thursday, July 14, 2011

A mini-dance intensive
With tEEth company member SHANNON STEWART

Four Thursdays in August @ mOuth
10-11:30 Int/Adv Contemporary Technique

For four weeks (Aug4-25th), Shannon Stewart will teach a special class series focused on conditioning the body and mind to create an expansive physical practice.

Class Series - $65
Gyrokinesis® or Technique Only - $40
Drop In - $12

Register by emailing by Jul 29, 2011.

Getting Physical is aimed at strengthening our #1 resource – our bodies. The goal is to unleash each person’s informed and uninhibited potential through a series of morning-long immersions.

A Gyrokinesis warm up will help to shape our understanding of core strength to include qualities of suppleness, length and expansion. We will begin by moving through the fundamental exercises of Gyrokinesis--including the seven natural elements of spinal movement while also addressing all other joint articulations and deep abdominal engagement.

From this integrated place we will move into contemporary technique. While focusing on the fundamentals, this class calls on your imagination and willingness to take risk in order to deepen your experience of full-bodied movement and push yourself into a new physical realm. Weaving together codified technique and imaginative improvisation, this class will give you the strength and tools to follow your desire and understand your own signature and system.

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With degrees in Urban Planning and Dance, Shannon Stewart has a rich history as a contemporary dancer, music organizer, and activist on the West Coast. Since 2001, Shannon has been performing professionally as a dancer locally, nationally and internationally for stage and film and began making her own work in 2008.

Having cross-trained in ballet, contemporary, release, breakdancing, yoga, capoiera, qigong, improvisation, GYROTONIC® system and somatic awareness, Shannon currently dances with tEEth and Salt Horse (2010-2011), and has danced for Dayna Hanson (2010), zoe | juniper (2005, 2008-2010), Ricki Mason (2003-2006), Kathleen Hermesdorf (2006-2008) and many others. She is certified in Gyrokinesis®, teaches contemporary technique, improvisation,, and Dance for Parkinson’s with the Mark Morris Dance For Parkinson’s program.

Shannon co-founded the Vera Project, the All-ages Movement Project, and wrote and released a history and how-two guide for all-ages music organizations in 2010. Her deep connection to the PNW music scene and activist background impacts her approach to making work, finding unique ways to open up the creative process, choosing collaborators, and feeding the desire to deepen the exchange between performer and audience.

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