Monday, August 16, 2010

Artist Bios for A Better Container:

Allie Hankins has yet to give me a bio. Things I know. . . She moved to Seattle from New Mexico. She spent the month of July choreographing a dance every day. She is almost unnervingly clear and exacting in her movement.

Sam Mickens has, since his teen years, recorded and toured the world
extensively in groups The Dead Science, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Xiu
Xiu, and Parenthetical Girls. At present, among other projects, Sam is
leading his NYC-based Ecstatic Showband & Revue, a large hardcore soul
ensemble. He is also presently making preparations for "Kayfabe: Game
of Death," a large-scale performance work to be staged in Brooklyn
November 2010.

Mary Margaret Moore came to Seattle nearly five months ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She holds a BA from Cornell University in Art History and Visual Culture, completed in 2003. Those college years were also marked by competitive sports and intense physical training—MM was captain of the women’s volleyball program. Following university, she moved to Paris, France and placed herself amongst the throngs of Parisian dancers, awkwardly barefoot and muscle-bound…the study of dancing ensued… Most recently, her movement investigation led her into improvisation, which eventually led her to the heavy door of the Grande Salle at physical theatre school, Jacques Lecoq (2007). MM is now working on a solo adaptation of Deborah Hay’s 2009 Solo Project choreopgraphy, At Once.

PRESS CONTACT: Paige Barnes – Co-founder/Resident Artist, Open Flight Studio
TELEPHONE: (206) 419-5481
KILL DATE: August 23, 2010

When: Saturday August 21 at 7:00pm / Sunday, August 22 at 4:00pm
Who: Flight Deck recipient SHANNON STEWART with invited guests KRISTIN HAPKE (tin dance) and MARISA HAGA.
Where: Open Flight Studio /4205 University Way NE/University District
Tickets: $8 suggested donation
Info: /

Open Flight Studio is thrilled to announce the eighth annual installation of Flight Deck, a residency program that awards studio time to Seattle dance artists from May to August and culminates in a performance. This year’s performance will show the work created by Flight Deck recipient SHANNON STEWART with invited guests artists KRISTIN HAPKE (tindance) and MARISA HAGA at Open Flight Studio on August 21 at 7pm & August 22 at 4pm.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Where do we begin?

We are about to begin.

Memory - where our stories lie. Where smell is a vehicle that shuttles us to a familiar feeling and trauma seeds itself in a shoulder blade or sacrum or large intestine.

Memory - a cage of identifiers: girl, pretty, poor, educated, lacking a deep plie, introverted, good at multi-tasking, gets dates easily but doesn't keep them.

This book on dementia that I bought talks about the liberation from painful memories as one thing to celebrate when looking for reasons to appreciate memory loss. I wonder about what this means for my grandmother who doesn't seem to know how old she is or even that she is confined to a wheelchair in a nursing home. Does she feel freedom from not being cognizant of these limitations? what memories do I want to lose?